Are you ready to return to running after an injury?

Blaise Williams discusses this topic on BJSM podcast. 

Physiotherapists are best placed to carry out an assessment and identify when you are ready to return. Getting the right advice and having a guided return to running can be the difference between a successful return and a recurring injury that sets you back for months. 

Here is an example of a simple assessment which can be used to confirm whether you are ready to tie up your laces and get back out there. 

  1. Standing hop test against a wall for 1 minute (160bpm on metronome) 

  1. Plank for 60 seconds 

  1. Repeated single leg squats (30 seconds on each leg) 

  1. Repeated step-ups on a 6” step (30 seconds on each leg) 

  1. 90/90 squat hold with ball against wall 60 seconds 

Your Physiotherapist will be looking for very specific functional signs during this assessment which will indicate your readiness to return to running. If there are signs during these fitness tests that suggest you may not be ready to return, your physio can address the issues with a functional training programme to ensure you get back to running as quickly as possible. 

Emma Bradley